Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad: Get a Great New Look

Knowledge is the best power only if anyone uses it. The more information you share and practice, the more you learn about the trait. When it comes to treatments, one needs to be always on the toes in order to understand the latest trends and technologies. Plastic Surgery is something which will directly impact your […]

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Roll Back the Years You Want With Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Hyderabad

With the latest advancements in the medical field, the face of the medical world has changed. As a result, it increases the demand to look better than the natural beauty. Therefore people have started undergoing the cosmetic surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, and plastic surgery. Best Cosmetic Surgeon-Dr.Debraj Shome In the modern world, India is the completely-ranked […]

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Witness the Before and After Asian Eyelid Surgery Changes

The term “Asian eyelid Surgery” that is also known as “East Asian Blepharoplasty”, is a kind of cosmetic surgery which is done for reshaping the skin around the eye. This procedure is generally carried out so as to create an upper eyelid along with a crease, or we can simply say ‘double eyelid’, for people […]

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Latest Advances in Eye Socket Fracture Surgery

A substantially large portion of eye injuries and resultant fractures are caused due to work, car or sports related accidents. But in some of the more severe accidents, the impact may result in a fracture in the cup-like bone structure that houses the eye and related structures in the eye anatomy.

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Know the in-depth procedure of eye socket fracture surgery

Certain symptoms are indicative of eye socket fracture and require surgery for correction. If you experience swelling and blue or black colored discoloration around the eye, or if your vision is blurred or abnormal or if you experience swelling around the eyes and forehead, it may be an indication of eye socket fracture.

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Three Types of Surgeries That Are Best For Removing Dark Circles

Cosmetic surgery is used for a host of conditions nowadays. The latest to join the list of conditions for which surgical interventions are effective is under eye dark circles. Eye circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. These are also known as eye bags. Eye circles, at one point in time, were treated using creams […]

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