The bony structure around the eye socket is known as the orbit. An eye socket fracture is a condition when one or more bones around the socket break. In this case, you get an eye socket fracture surgery done to fix the problem.

The orbital fracture may occur due to any injury or getting struck by anything that can cause injury. The severity of the injury or fracture can be found out depending on the location of the injury.

Sometimes the surgeons prescribe to take some time before the surgery so that the swelling or bruising goes away before the surgery. 

Surgery is not always to be done. This depends if the injury includes the eye part or not.

There are different types of orbital fractures:

Orbital rim fracture: This is the result of the situation in which a huge amount of force is involved and the impact is not only on the orbit but also on the other parts of the face. This might even lead to a serious issue like optical nerve damage, eye muscle damage, etc. to get cured, it is important to get an eye socket fracture surgery done.

Orbital blowout fracture: In this, the floor of the socket gets ruptured or cracks resulting in a small hole in the eye socket floor. It actually occurs if anything bigger than the eye-opening struck the anterior part of the eye like a dashboard, a fist.

Direct orbital floor fracture: In this type of socket fracture the damage is both to the rim and to the adjacent parts of the floor of the eye socket.

Signs and symptoms of orbital fracture:

  • Swelling and black and blue discoloration can be noticed around the eye due to the fracture.
  • Redness and patches of blood can also be seen on the white part of the eye and inner lining of the eyelid.
  • The fracture may lead to decreased vision, double vision or blurry vision.
  • The patient may find it difficult to move the injured eye up or down or sidewards.

In any of the above conditions, it is suggested that one should visit a surgeon and get proper eye socket fracture surgery done.

Healing time:

The healing time depends on the severity of the injury. In common cases, the swelling or bruising start to subside within a week or 10 days. In case of orbital bone, it might take little longer to heal.

Visit the best surgeon and there is nothing to worry about.