Oculoplastic Surgery in Middle East

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General Overview

With the wide-spanned progress made by science, ocular surgery has become a well-accepted domain that has been in demand over the last two decades or so. During the last ten years at least, there has been phenomenal improvements that has come to be in this niche. The best oculoplastic surgical demand has been seen across patients who have had birth defects or defects arising out of accidents. In addition, there has been seen yet another category of patients across Middle East and elsewhere. These patients are interested in oculoplastic surgery of the cosmetic niche. In case there is a need to look beautiful or appeal to a certain idea of beauty, then these needs are tapped.

As far as the surgeons in the Middle East are concerned, it is essential to always keep in mind that there are not many surgeons who might be able to give you all or complete packages for oculoplastic surgery. While an urgent need is seen among patients in the Middle East for surgeries based on cosmetic demands, there are not ample facilities that can address these problems to the T. There are good surgeons no doubt but then, there is a lack of roundedness when it comes to relevant resources.

Oculoplastic Surgery in India

India has steadily climbed up the charts of being a popular leader in terms of oculoplastic surgery-based medical tourism. With leading surgeons settled in Indian and with a growing number of ocular plastic surgery chains, India is seen as a bankable country. The best part here is that surgeons such as Dr. Debraj Shome have chosen the country as his base.  He has catered to a number of oculoplastic surgery cases on patients from the Middle East too.

Dr. Debraj Shome is a popular name, who is hailed as being the best in case of oculoplastic surgery niche.  Here is what he offers to patients from Middle East during their course of treatment-

  • Complete guidance
  • After-care guidance
  • Pre-surgical counseling
  • Latest resources and top hospital facilities

Dr. Shome has become a trustworthy name for patients who visit India for this particular need, all the way from Turkey.

Cost comparison

In the Middle East, the general oculoplastic surgeon is part of a leading hospital. However, the structure of medical facilities and the average unit costs are high. In addition, most resources in the domain of ocular-plastic surgery might not always be found first hand in the Middle East.  On the other hand, roughly the cost of surgery could be anywhere between INR 60000-80000 or slightly higher which depends on the type of procedure your doctor suggests. This difference in the cost between India and Middle East is because of the average unit costs and service availability.

Dr. Debraj Shome and His Accolades

Dr.Debraj Shome is one of the most respected names in the field of ocular surgery, cosmetic and facial cancer surgery, orbital cancers etc. he has been felicitated numerous times and some of his accolades include but are not limited to Marquis who’s who, Best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, best celebrity plastic surgeon, Marquis who’s who Asia pacific.

Since Oculoplastic Surgery is of high demand among patients across Pakistan and other countries, Dr. Shome’s fame is spreading all the more. Dr. Debraj Shome’s area of expertise includes Lip Augmentation & enhancement, Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation, Rhytidectomy, Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Auricular Repositioning, Face Lifts, Facial Reconstructive Surgery post Facial fractures and cancers, Mid-Face lifts, Facial implant, Neck Lifts, Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery for Facial & Eyelid Cancers, Facial & Orbital Fracture Repairs, Blepharoplasty, Orbicularis Oculi Myectomy for intractable Hemifacial spasm, Blepharospasm, Eyelash enhancement, Jaw Contouring, Facial Flaps & Grafts for Facial Cancers, Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Oculoplastic Surgery etc.

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