Monthly Archives: April, 2018

Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad: Know These Facts Before Considering

Cosmetic surgery is the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures. This surgery is available for both males as well as females. This is often performed with a combination of other facial rejuvenation processes. In this certain factors are involved such as forehead lifts as well as facelift procedures. Cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad is counted as modern […]

Symptoms of Blepharophimosis Syndrome and Its Treatment

Blepharophimosis syndrome is also known as ptosis and epicanthus inversus syndrome. BPES is referred as an uncommon developmental condition which affects the eyelids as well as ovary. Generally, there are four types of major facial features that are present from birth such as droopy eyelids, narrow eyes, an upward fold of skin or the inner […]

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