Double eyelid surgery popularly also known as Blepharoplasty by the patients is a surgery which is performed to deal with any sort of deformities, disfigurations or defects in the eyes. It is also performed to get an extra fold in the eyes naturally. It is highly done in Korea. Korean people desire to possess features like that of western celebrities. It can also be referred to as a type of cosmetic surgery which includes the excision or removal of the excess tissue and the reinforcement of the muscle or tendon tissues.

The aim of the surgery is to restore the proper functioning of the eyelids or to restore the aesthetics of the eyes by removing the excess skin from the eyes. In an eye surgery, the usual modification or correction of the upper or lower part or the surrounding part is done. Sometimes the bridge area of the nose is also taken into consideration.


When you get a double eyelid surgery, you might expect certain things after the surgery. First comes is the after-effects of the surgery. If someone is getting only upper eyelid surgery then that person might face lesser swelling and bruise than the person who is getting an upper eyelid, lower eyelid, ptosis repair, all done simultaneously. More is the number of surgery, more is the swelling, bruising and lift. Some people might take less time to heal whereas some might take a little longer.

Steroids for swelling

Some doctors give steroids to their patients to decrease the swelling forgetting the fact that they might have adverse effects on the patient. First being, there may be chances of infection. People who are diabetic or who do not possess a strong immune system might get bad infections at certain parts or the surgical sites,

Lid position

After the double eyelid surgery, there is some extent of eyelid lift. This matter generally resolves within six days or a week. In some exceptional cases, it may take a whole of six months or so.

Scar healing

The scars of the incisions might take some time to heal. In case of an upper eyelid surgery, it is in the crease of the eye and in case of the lower eyelid surgery it is in the side corner where the eyelashes are. So it is better if you do not expect miracles to happen and give ample time to your body part to heal the scars or the lift.