When it comes to lip augmentation, many options exist in India for improving the appearance of the lips.  Lip augmentation in India has advanced to a point where injections and implants provide a quick and effective method of enhancing aesthetic appeal.  The preferred look among most of the individuals who choose lip augmentation in India is plump and full lips. The glamour world informs us that the average individual always prefers and appreciates stars with bee stung or fuller lips. With lip augmentation, it is possible to not just lump up the lips but to also give it the right shape, devoid of lines that indicate age.

Options for Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation in India at leading clinical facilities inevitably involves local anaesthesia.  Different types of specialist implants and injectibles used for lip augmentation include artecoll, autologen, collagen, dermalogen and so on. Fascia injections involve the connective tissue harvested from the body. Fat from the abs or thighs are sometimes also injected onto the lips. Other options include clear hyaluronic acid containing hylaform and restylane. Lip augmentation surgery generally does not involve lengthy procedures. Typically, lip augmentation procedures are completed on a single day. Fat grafting, softform and other inputs are also relied on to achieve permanent outcomes.

Recovery After Lip Augmentation Surgery

If you go through surgical implants or grafts, recovery can take up to 2 weeks following surgery. Recovery depends on the procedure used and the levels of activity. Fillers improve the shape, structure and volume of the lips following the augmentation procedure, and generally include procedures with quicker recovery. Other forms of surgery to advance the contours of the lips involve more complex procedure which may require proportionate time for recovery. Lips that are nice and full also need to be well defined with clean contours and outline.

It is important to rely on the services of qualified and experienced specialists. Some of the side effects of relying on inexperienced surgeons would be asymmetrical lips, lumps, extrusion and infection. Under the hands of a skilled surgeon, lips get the desired treatment to appear full and rosy, soft and smooth.