Dark circles make individuals look tired and haggard, and makes the individuals diffident. The exact causes for the formation of dark circles are manifold, including congenital. Research shows that genes play a vital role in passing down dark circles. As people age, the skin around the eyes will become delicate and thinner, which makes the thin skin to shows the underlying blood vessels more prominently. The thickness of the under eye skin is generally 0.5mm whereas skin on other parts of the body is around 2 to 3 mm thickness.  Here are a few points worth knowing before going in for a surgery to remove dark circles.

The treatment for dark circles

Due to aging the normal septum that carries the fat around the eye area weakens, and it is one of the causes for dark circle problem. The best surgery to remove dark circles involves the use of lasers for a multi pronged action. By effective and safe surgical procedures, the appearance of the eye is improved significantly by removing excess fat and skin.

Dark circles laser treatment

Laser treatment for dark under eye circles generally involves the use of lasers to remove under eye bags, malar festoons etc., if present and then causes the underlying collagen beneath the dark skin to tighten. The top layer of the skin is also removed to expose a lighter layer of skin beneath. The stimulated collagen with the combined effect of upper skin resurfacing results in effective dark eye circle surgery.

Additional benefits of appearing younger with smooth skin

The procedure helps to revitalise the skin, and the resurfacing procedure works like an emollient, offering recipients smooth and flawless skin.  This results in better appearance, which, in combination with the lightening of the dark under eye circles, leads to a complete transformation.

The recipients’ choice of a well-versed oculoplastic surgeon with experience in both ophthalmology and plastic surgery will fetch better aesthetic results. Board certified surgeons from the well-established hospitals with access to cutting-edge facilities are better equipped to provide the best treatment for dark circles to the patients.