Reconstructive ocular surgery straddles all the procedures to set right the orbits, eyelids, tear ducts and facial features.  Such procedures require the services of an experienced and highly trained ophthalmic plastic surgeon for successful procedures. Not only is such surgery cosmetic in nature, it is also functional. Here are a few guidelines to zero in on the best oculoplastic surgeon in India.

Extensive experience covering all aspects of the surgery and condition

An oculoplastic specialist should ideally be one who has extensive experience in all the aspects of the surgery. Experience should typically include in-depth knowledge and exposure to procedures in multi-specialty hospitals. Such exposure at top of the line hospitals will lend the oculoplastic surgeon experience to handle all complicated cases.

Access to cutting edge technology and equipment

Experts who have experience and access to the very latest advances in medical equipment would be better armed to handle surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery is advancing rapidly to levels difficult to fathom, and a trained, experienced ophthalmic plastic surgeon should be able to treat most of the conditions.

International certifications from reputed specialist institutes

Certifications from internationally acclaimed and reputed specialist institutes are an indication of the focus of the surgeon to excel in procedures. Cosmetic surgeons who keep abreast of the very latest procedures and are called upon to deliver keynote addresses are powerhouses of experience. It needs to be borne in mind that distinguished and renowned specialists are the most sought after speakers in conferences.

Faculty at respected international institutions

Cosmetic surgeons who are visiting faculty in internationally reputed and respected institutions are proof of the surgeon’s capability. A surgeon who trains medical professionals in specialization is indeed one with a very high level of experience and knowledge in the latest techniques.

Choose an ophthalmic plastic surgeon who meets the above criteria and offers the best results. Pathbreaking research and surgeries that are heralded as the first of its kind, indicate attempts by the surgeons to deliver better options and success rates to patients.  Winnow down your choice to a surgeon who has wielded the scalpel with the greatest success.