Under-eye dark circles have become quite a common condition faced by people today. The stressful modern lifestyles, lack of proper sleep and nutrition, and excessive hours spent in front of the computer and television screens are only contributing to an already large base of problems. Dark circles under the eyes can be considered as an indicator of poor optical and skin health. The issue can also be caused due to reduced levels of haemoglobin in the blood. And the worst part of it all – dark circles can make you look permanently prematurely aged, tired and unhealthy, despite your current state of being. Perhaps this is the reason why, despite of a number of alternative and home remedies already existing, people tend to look for more permanent and effective solutions for their under eye dark circles. Dark eye circle surgery can be such a solution for you.

The best treatment for dark circles can include any of the following modalities, depending upon what your doctor deems fit for your particular case and condition:

  • Pigment reduction laser treatments for cases where dark circles are being caused due to a specific list of contributory factors.
  • In case of under eye volume loss, filter or fat injections are advised to make the under-eye region appear fuller and healthier.
  • To increase blood circulation in the affected area and reduce edema that is resulting in under-eye puffiness, acugel and hydrafacial treatments are also advised.
  • For cases where Malar Festoons are an impending factor, fillers and fractional CO2 Laser Treatment are used to help reduce dark circles.
  • Eyelid surgeries and Blepharoplasty are recommended in the more severe cases as being the best treatment for dark circles.

Working with a well-trained, skilled, and experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon is an important factor here. However, once you have found such a professional, you can rest assured that the beauty and wellness of your eyes and face will be restored to their former glory without any issues. Dark eye circle surgery can be the permanent solution that you have been looking for to manage your under-eye dark circle condition. Take help from a reputed professional today!