Blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery for the eyelids, and it usually involves modifying the eyes to make it look brighter and youthful. It is also known as an ‘eyelid lift’, although it does not necessarily lift the eyelid. Instead, excess skin, tissue, and fat is removed from droopy eyelids, and some of the tissue is repositioned to restore the way they look. Some of the best blepharoplasty surgeons in India are capable of performing a mid-face lift with the procedure, too, so your entire eyelid and the upper part of your face can look younger and consistent. Blepharoplasty is cheaper in India compared to western countries, and with skilled and trained surgeons, you can be confident that you can get the best results when you have the procedure done there.

Blepharoplasty is typically categorized into three kinds:

  • Double eyelid surgery – Patients who have monolids may consider this surgery if they want to have double eyelids to get the appearance of larger eyes.
  • Lower eyelid surgery – This can help minimize the appearance of eye bags or eliminate them.
  • Upper eyelid surgery – The procedure is typically performed on older patients who are having trouble seeing because of their drooping upper eyelids.

There are many reasons why people go to India for blepharoplasty. Apart from being affordable, the procedure can provide a solution to drooping eyelids or ptosis, which can occur in one or both eyes. In some cases, the eyelids have drooped to the extent where the iris and pupil are already covered, resulting in astigmatism and amblyopia if you let the condition be. Likewise, the condition can obstruct your vision and make it difficult to see. Hence, it is advisable that you seek treatment immediately, whether the ptosis is acquired or congenital. You can be qualified for blepharoplasty in India if you are at least 18 years old with healthy muscles and facial tissue around your eyes. Likewise, you must not have any complex eye problems, and you must be emotionally stable and physically healthy.

Looking for a Blepharoplasty specialist? Here’s what to do.

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid cosmetic procedure that is finding quite a few takers in India for a variety of reasons. More and more people are resorting to plastic surgery to correct the defects in their appearance and it is certainly a good thing. Blepharoplasty is a plastic procedure that has to do with the eyes and more and more top Blepharoplasty specialists like Dr. Debraj Shome are coming in to fill the demand. So how do you go about choosing a good Blepharoplasty surgeon in India? Well, here’s all the help you need.

Decide what your purpose is

So why have you decided to get Blepharoplasty surgery done in India? Is it because of the dark circles under your eyes that make you look older than you are? Or is the Blepharoplasty in India being considered, because of the saggy skin under your eyes? Or it may be simply that you want to get rid of the crow’s feet in your eyes, which is making you look for a Blepharoplasty specialist in India. Whatever the reason is, finding it is a good starting point. It may also be that you want Blepharoplasty surgeons in India to treat an additional medical problem like droopy eyelids. Your actual purpose will help you make your search easier.

Qualifications matter

Whether or not the Blepharoplasty surgeons in India you are thinking of choosing from have the right qualifications is another important task for you to find out. You should understand that Blepharoplasty in India is done by two kinds of surgeons: one of them happen to be ophthalmologist specialists who have trained in oculoplastic surgery, while the other happen to be general plastic surgeons who have been trained to work with the eyes. Always decide before hand what kind of professional you want your surgery to be done by in India because both are available. But, in general, oculoplastic experts, being ophthalmologists as well, can manage any side effects with the eyes much better.

Aesthetic sensibilities matter

That is right. When choosing a Blepharoplasty specialist in India, always try to find someone whose aesthetic sensibilities match yours. This will matter a lot especially if you are getting Blepharoplasty done in India for purely cosmetic reasons. For instance, what end result you consider beautiful may not be what the specialist sees. So make sure you find someone who has the same aesthetic values as you before deciding to get Blepharoplasty done in India.


Referrals are such a god way of finding doctors in India. People are always eager to tell you that they have the best doctor and love giving referrals. So when you are looking for a good Blepharoplasty specialist in India, don’t forget to dig into the treasure trove of information your friend and family circle may well have access to. Today, people don’t consider it taboo at all to avail the services of plastic surgeons and hence you will do well if you ask for information and referrals to good Blepharoplasty surgeons in India.

As you can see, finding a good specialist for Blepharoplasty in India is really not that hard if you do your homework. Visit Dr. Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics, one of the best blepharoplasty surgeons in India and the world.

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery and done by the hands of the best surgeon, it can make a world of difference to your face. The top blepharoplasty surgeon will make sure that your eyes retain their natural look after the treatment, but the excess eyelid issues that are bothering you disappear. Blepharoplasty in India is a very simple procedure and therefore this treatment requires great expertise. The most critical decision to be made in achieving the best result with this treatment of eyelid is to pick the most experienced and most talented specialist of blepharoplasty. You need the top blepharoplasty surgeon for yourself to get the most ideal look.

Very often than not the patients are lured by catchy advertisements of specialists providing blepharoplasty in India and on the basis of one or two photos of the treatment or the surgeons website ranking on google on eyelid surgery.  However, this is not the correct way to find the best blepharoplasty surgeon for the treatment that you want.  Some tips to find the best surgeon for the treatment include looking for a surgeon who is an expert in ophthalmology as well as revision and regular blepharoplasty in India. The specialist should be able to provide you with the before and after photos of many patients who have taken the treatment.  As for patients, you can also read details of patients who have received the treatment to see the advice, reviews and testimonials.

Ptosis treatment is a very delicate treatment as it concerns with the eyelid drooping. If the eyelids are not given proper treatment, then there are chances of your face appearing uneven. Therefore, when choosing a surgeon for the ptosis treatment, you have to be very careful and not be swayed by false promises. When selecting a ptosis surgeon it is important that you select an oculoplastic or ptosis surgeon over a plastic surgeon for ptosis treatment.

Oculoplastic specialists have more experience in delicate eyelid treatments than any other specialist. There are some risks associated with ptosis treatment because of the unique anatomical structure of the eyelids. The treatment requires more complex surgical techniques than normal blepharoplasty.

Oculoplastic surgeons like Dr. Debraj Shome have more training in eyelid surgery and treatment.  Ptosis surgeon will be able to notice the subtle abnormalities in the eyelid position and function that can cause complications during the treatment for ptosis.

Oculoplastic surgeons are expert in ptosis treatment and therefore literally know their way around the eyelids. Being an expert in the anatomy of the eyelids a ptosis surgeon will be able to able to  perform the treatment surgery with high success rate and be able treat and avoid risk associated with treatment for ptosis.  Ptosis treatment can be high risk and who is better than performing the surgery than a surgeon who has the highest success rate in such treatments.