Latest Advances in Eye Socket Fracture Surgery

A substantially large portion of eye injuries and resultant fractures are caused due to work, car or sports related accidents. But in some of the more severe accidents, the impact may result in a fracture in the cup-like bone structure that houses the eye and related structures in the eye anatomy.

Know the in-depth procedure of eye socket fracture surgery

Certain symptoms are indicative of eye socket fracture and require surgery for correction. If you experience swelling and blue or black colored discoloration around the eye, or if your vision is blurred or abnormal or if you experience swelling around the eyes and forehead, it may be an indication of eye socket fracture.

Three Types of Surgeries That Are Best For Removing Dark Circles

Cosmetic surgery is used for a host of conditions nowadays. The latest to join the list of conditions for which surgical interventions are effective is under eye dark circles. Eye circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. These are also known as eye bags. Eye circles, at one point in time, were treated using creams […]

Lip augmentation in India – Enhance Your Lips for a Full Young Smile

Lip augmentation is catching on in India where it has become a popular plastic surgery procedure. But what are the advantages of opting for a lip augmentation in India? Lip augmentation offers a safe and effective surgical procedure for fuller, more voluptuous lips that provide the perfect pout. Enhancing the beauty of the lips, making […]

Helpful tips while undergoing surgery to remove dark circles

Dark circles make individuals look tired and haggard, and makes the individuals diffident. The exact causes for the formation of dark circles are manifold, including congenital. Research shows that genes play a vital role in passing down dark circles. As people age, the skin around the eyes will become delicate and thinner, which makes the […]

How lip augmentation in India can help you attain beautiful lips?

Lip augmentation in India, is rapidly becoming a sought after plastic surgery procedure. As people age, the shape and contour of the lips can droop. This condition may further aggravate when a recipient has naturally thin lip profile to begin with. Many individuals with thin lip profile and negative effects of aging would naturally wish […]

In depth procedure of lip augmentation in India

When it comes to lip augmentation, many options exist in India for improving the appearance of the lips.  Lip augmentation in India has advanced to a point where injections and implants provide a quick and effective method of enhancing aesthetic appeal.  The preferred look among most of the individuals who choose lip augmentation in India […]