The word “Rhytidectomy” is made from a combination of two words; rhytis which means wrinkle and ektome which means surgical excision of wrinkles. Rhytidectomy is commonly known as “face-lift” and is a cosmetic procedure which is used to treat the face for the side effects of ageing. A face lift is considered to be one of the most comprehensive surgical procedures used for the treatment of sagging skin and other age related issues of the face. Face lift is a broad term used for many different procedures. The procedures may be extensively surgical or could include “lunch time” procedures which involve minimal surgical invasion.

A face lift may involve tightening of skin by various methods, removal of excess tissues and skin repositioning on face and the neck. A face lift can be used to treat double chin, marionette lines, sagging midface etc. It is considered to be the “go-to” procedure for a younger appearance and facial rejuvenation.

A face lift surgery is one of the most commonly carried out procedures in the plastic surgery domain.  A surgical face lift is a good option for people who look older than their age, whose face looks excessively stressed and fatigued and people who think their facial features have been marred due to excessive exposure to sun, stress etc.

Advantages of face lift:-

  • It can make a person look younger by almost ten years.
  • It is a comprehensive surgery for the overall appearance of the face.
  • This procedure is the most effective procedure for the recontouring of neck line and jaw line.

A facelift procedure can be aimed at correcting not only the lower portion of the face but also the mid face and the upper face area as well. In more extensive procedure, the tissues deep within the skin of the face may be tightened or repositioned to give the face a youthful look. The fat may be added or removed from the face depending on the outcome which is desired. The position of the incisions is dependent upon the part of the face which is to be corrected. The procedure is done by undermining the skin and reaching for the deeper layers of the face. The undermining leads to the segregation of the skin of the neck and the face from the muscles and tissues of the skin. The loose skin can be repositioned on the face and neck to give the face a more youthful appearance. The underlying tissues of the skin are repositioned and the excess skin and fat is removed. Facial implants may also be done in a face lift procedure to compensate for the lost volume of the fat. Post the surgery the incisions are sutured and the face is dressed with supportive dressing.

The position and the size of the incisions vary, depending upon the part of the face which is to be operated. The best surgical option is dependent upon shape of a patient’s face, facial features and the desired outcome. Irrespective of the surgical approach which is taken, the incision involves the skin around the ears. In a traditional face lift procedure, the incisions are done at the temples which run around the ears and are hidden in the scalp where there is hair. In a limited incision face lift the incisions can be made on the temporal area, lower eyelids, and upper lip in addition to the incisions which are made in the traditional face lift. In a neck lift, the incisions are made around the chin and in front of the earlobes which extend in the lower scalp. The scars of a face lift are practically invisible and are well hidden behind the ears. The incisions are placed in the areas where they heal down to look like natural wrinkles.

Pre surgery precautions:-

It is advisable to quit smoking as smoking disrupts the healing process. Also, it increases the risk of developing post surgery complications. Also, the intake of alcohol has to be limited. It is important to discuss about any allergies one may have, before the surgery itself.

Outcome of the surgery:-

How the long the face lift lasts depends upon the skin quality of the patient, the genetic makeup and the maintenance of the face.

Risks and complications:-

The face lift procedure is fairly uncomplicated and does not run any major risks. However, it is ultimately a surgical procedure and therefore, some risks are there which are commonly associated with every surgery like swelling, numbness in the face, reaction to anesthesia, undesired outcome, allergic reaction etc.

It is very important to religiously follow the pre-operative as well as the post-operative instructions of the surgeon to avoid the possibility of any risk even rarely associated with procedure.

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Understanding the Facelift: Before and after

If you are thinking of getting a facelift, then considering the before and after is important. By before and after we mean thinking about what is going to happen before the surgery and what you can expect after the face lift surgery. We are sure that you have seen lots of facelifts before and after photos on the internet already and that is a great starting point. Getting a great facelift surgeon like Dr. Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, India, is a great idea.

A lot of changes have taken place in the facelift arena. Facelifts were used previously just to tighten the skin but not anymore. Facelift is now about a lot more than that. So you can expect your face before and after the facelift, to be quite different from each other. Facelift will reposition the fat, skin and muscle.

So are you fit for a facelift? Well, almost anybody is fit for a facelift but the best candidate for perfect facelift before and after should be someone who has some aging of the skin but also has elasticity of the skin left. This is something that is usually seen in people who are between the age of 40 and 70. But don’t worry if you are not that age because you could still be a candidate for a facelift. The best person who will be able to tell you if you are fit for a facelift is your plastic surgeon like Dr. Debraj Shome.

 Mental preparation for facelift is something essential. Not only should you be in good general health before facelift but to ensure that you get the right before and after, you should be able to see reality and be in control of your expectations. A facelift will not make you look like a movie star if you don’t look like one already, but the facelift is certainly going to make you look more youthful than you do now.

What to expect at the consultation

If you have seen a lot of before and after facelift photos and have decided that a facelift is something you definitely want to get, then schedule an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon. He will be able to guide you about the before and after of facelift cosmetic surgery. At the consultation, it is important that you tell him about your expectations before and after facelift surgery. Tell him about what the things that you want to change are and how you would want it to feel. Your cosmetic surgeon will also enquire about your medical history, whether or not you smoke and a few other things. The cosmetic surgeon will tell you whether you actually need a facelift surgery at all or if a smaller and more minor surgery could achieve the goals you have.

Sometimes a person may not actually need a facelift at all but something different. Perhaps an eyebrow lift or a chin implant is going to help you reach your appearance goals better than a facelift.

Make sure that you also ask about the costs such a procedure is going to involve.

Preparation for facelift surgery

If you have considered the before and after of the procedure and have decided to get it done, it is important that you prepare well for it. Wearing comfortable and preferably loose clothing is something you will need to do. The best thing you could do is wear something that you won’t have to pull over your face. You will also need someone to drive you home after getting the surgery done. Also, it is always a good idea to have someone to stay with you for the first 2 days after the surgery is done. In fact, hiring a nurse would be a great idea. Your surgeon will also let you know whether you will have to stop taking certain medications when you are recovering. You should preferably have an area in your home where you will be recovering so it is best to have a few things in this area such as ointments and medications given by your surgeon, clean towels, ice packs, etc. If you are a smoker, you will have to stop smoking for at least 15 days after your surgery, as that will help you recover more speedily.

What happens after facelift surgery

Understanding the before and after of facelift surgery is a great idea. So what can you expect after you get the facelift? There will be swelling and bruising that will last a few weeks. You may not feel like going out during recovery time at all so if you work, taking time off work is essential. The bandages that will be on your face after the facelift will be removed after a few days and you will also start feeling better around that time. To make sure that your before and after facelift is right, don’t forget to keep up with the surgeon’s appointments. Do remember that your surgeon will want to take a look at you quite a few times in the period right after the surgery is done so you should be prepared to have someone drive you to the clinic.

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon for facelift

Getting the right cosmetic surgeon is extremely important because that can make or break your look. You don’t want someone with very little experience because that will mean you cannot be sure about his expertise. Always check the qualifications and credentials of the surgeon you are thinking of getting the procedure done by. It is a good idea to take your time in picking the right surgeon and the right clinic because that can make a world of difference to your before and after. If you want to make sure that you look better than before, make sure that you find someone whose aesthetic senses are the same as yours.

What is great is that getting a facelift will make you look anything between 5 to 10 years younger. Of course, you will not stop aging after the procedure, but even when you do so, you will still look younger than your age. Consult Dr. Debraj Shome today.