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Oculoplastic surgery

What us Oculoplastic surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is nothing but the cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive surgery which is done to treat diseases and disorders related to eyelids, eye sockets, and tear ducts. The oculoplastic surgery conducted in Ahmedabad offers a wide range of treatment options for patients who wish to reconstruct, restore, and rejuvenate their appearance.

Oculoplastic surgery is a rare super specialty and highly skilled practitioners perform oculoplastic surgery with high degree of precision. Many surgeons perform these oculoplastic surgeries, but given the difficulty in obtaining quality results, the best oculoplastic surgeon should perform the surgery. 

Who is an Oculoplastic surgeon?

An Oculoplastic surgeon is a highly-skilled ophthalmologist who performs cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the eyelids, orbital area and tear duct.

Disorders treated by an Oculoplastic Surgeon:

Through cosmetic eyelid surgery conducted fatty bags under the eyes, excess skin and fat of the upper eyelids, and drooping eyebrows can be effectively and efficiently treated.   

Eyelid lumps:

Lumps can occur on or around the eyelids just like anywhere else on the skin. However, certain times lump can be a sign of a more serious condition and may need to be removed. These lumps and bumps on lower or upper eyelid become a cosmetic concern for many patients and therefore need to be removed.

Eyelid skin cancers:

Most skin cancers are basal cell carcinomas. These are generally benign. They are often a red or pink lump containing small blood vessels. At times they can be pearly-white or “waxy” looking. There are times when they may bleed.

Occasionally the lump may be a squamous cell carcinoma, which is more serious as there’s a small risk of it spreading to other parts of the body. In rare cases, the lump could be a sign of a melanoma, a serious skin cancer. If your lump is getting bigger over time, it is in an irregular shape and is dark and changing in color, an ophthalmologist should be consulted. 


As you get older, one or both lower eyelids can sometimes droop and turn outwards. This is known as an ectropian. This condition can disrupt the normal production of tears, which can cause your eye to become dry, red and irritated. This condition can be corrected by surgery which is often done on an out patient basis.


Entropion is where the eyelid rolls inwards. It usually affects the lower lids, but it can also affect the upper lids. Both ectropian and entropian is age-related. Entropion usually causes an uncomfortable watery eye because the lashes irritate the front of the eye (cornea).

Severe Entropion can be painful and cause vision loss by damaging the cornea. Occasionally it can cause eye infection.  Surgery may be needed to correct this condition. This is usually carried out under local anesthesia.

Blocked tear duct:

If a tear duct becomes blocked, tears cannot drain from the eye properly. The duct may get filled with fluid and become swollen, inflamed, and sometimes infected.

These may occur at any age. The blockage in the tear duct could occur due to the following reasons:-

  • Infection
  • Increased pressure on the tear duct which can cause it to close due to abnormal growth of the nasal bone
  • Abnormality in the tissues at the end of the tear duct
  • Closed opening in the corners of the eys which serve as the outlet for draining of tears.

Droopy eyelids:

With age, it’s quite common to have excess skin above the upper eyelids. This skin can overhang and block your vision. This is called dermatochalasis. If it affects your vision, surgery may be considered to remove the excess skin.

If the edge of your upper lid droops down over your eye, it’s called ptosis. This is usually age-related and develops slowly. Surgery may be needed if it is affecting your vision.

Dry eyes:  

Dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease, is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. This usually results in eyes drying out or turning red, swollen and irritated. Dry eye syndrome is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

A patient should consult a reputed surgeon who has years of experience with him/her, to ensure that the best results are achieved

Dr. Debraj Shome is considered to be one of the best plastic surgeons in Ahmedabad and in India. Dr. Shome has acquired his training and fellowship in oculoplastic surgery from some of the best institutes in the world.

Dr. Debraj Shome has been honored with many awards such as ‘Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons in India’, ‘Best Oculoplastic Surgeon India’, ‘Marquis Who’s Who’, ‘Celebrity Plastic Surgeon in World’, ‘Marquis Who’s Who Asia Pacific’ etc for his excellence in the plastic surgery.

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