Dr. Debraj Shome Talks about the Need for Ground Level Changes in the Indian Healthcare Sector

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Celebrated Indian plastic surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome highlighted the need for ground level changes in the Indian healthcare sector at the 7th Annual India Leadership Conclave and Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards, held on 1st July in Mumbai.

Dr. Shome was speaking at a panel discussion on politics, economic development and social change in India. He talked about changes he has seen in the Indian healthcare space over the last five years. He talked about his experience as a doctor and an entrepreneur and mentioned that things have changed for the better at the administrative level. “I have seen bureaucrats become a bit more receptive in 2014 than they were earlier”, he said. “In ’11, ’12, ’13, I would struggle to meet any joint director but by ’14, I was able to meet the people in the PMO’s office”, he added.

Dr. Shome talked and expressed his views about the previous and current states of the healthcare sector in India. He cautioned, however, that despite a more receptive government, the plans and schemes are not proving as effectively as they should have on ground level. “There is a lot which needs to be done in this country”, he said. “I don’t see things on the ground changing for people. I think it will take time but we have to be aware that things need to change.” He stressed on the government becoming an enabler so that benefits of programmes and initiatives reach the weaker sections of the society. He focussed on a cumulative effort towards the encouragement of entrepreneurship and development of healthcare services.

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