Dr. Debraj Shome Perfects New Paradigms for Best Results in Scar Revision Surgery

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Celebrated international oculoplasty expert, Dr. Debraj Shome, has perfected new paradigms to get the best results in scar revision surgery.

The new revolutionary approach uses a three-pronged approach to ensure scars are nearly removed. These three steps include:

Scar Revision surgery using Z Plasty, W Plasty, etc.

Careful care of the scar after surgery using latest techniques

Multiple, individualised, titrated, Carbon Dioxide Laser resurfacing sessions of the scar

Let us understand these better to understand why the treatment is so effective.

Scar Revision surgery using Z Plasty, W Plasty, etc.

Z Plasty, W Plasty and other techniques such as geometric broken line closure are scar treatment techniques. They change the shape and direction of scars. Z Plasty, for instance, can lengthen a contracted scar, relax it or change the direction of its tension line. W Plasty, on the other hand, changes the direction of the scar to be parallel to normal crease lines.

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