Dr. Debraj Shome: Helping Thousands of Ptosis Patients with Drooping Eyelid Surgery

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Dr. Debraj Shome, who himself has treated more than 2500 patients with ptosis since 2004, is among the most respected and best ptosis surgeons in the world. The esteemed doctor is happy that people are realising that what they earlier thought to be sleepy looking eyes or fatigue of the eyes, is actually a medical condition that can be easily treated. Dr. Shome’s has performed innumerable surgeries to help patients with ptosis look less drowsy and more alert.

Blepharoptosis or ptosis is the medical term used for the drooping of the top eyelid. The condition is found in adults and may occur due to old age, injury or a neurological condition. The distinguished doctor says that droopy eyelids can also be found in kids at the time of birth – a condition known as congenital ptosis.

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