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Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery

I am Rakesh Singh and I am 45 years old. With this review I would like to share my experience about the brow lift procedure for which I chose to consult Dr. Debraj Shome. I had heard about Dr. Debraj Shome from people around me as well as from the reviews which are all over the Internet. Honestly, they seemed too good to be true. But once I met him in person, I instantly could feel that those reviews were a 100% honest and true! Dr. Debraj Shome’s knowledge about his profession as well as the psyche of his patients is amazing. He could understand what I want completely and even suggested me something so that the outcome of the cosmetic surgery could be enhanced. He is an oculoplastic surgeon which means that he is a super- specialist. After listening about how qualified he is, I felt more confident about undergoing a brow lift surgery. He is also a cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon who has treated thousands of patients and all of his patients have only good reviews about his work. I underwent the brow lift surgery a few weeks later and needless to say I was elated. I can confidently say that in Mumbai, there is no one else who could have performed this cosmetic surgery better than the top surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome. He is the best oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeon in India and I am glad that despite my initial apprehensions I was wise enough to go to him. To get to know more feats and achievements of Dr. Debraj, read more reviews about him from his international patients as well.

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