Dr. Debraj Shome Shares His Opinion On The Emerging Trend Of Baby Botox

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Baby Botox is on the rise these days. Those looking for a more subtle natural looking alternative for the traditional Botox treatment can opt for Baby Botox. It can be done in patients who wants to look their age but yet age more gracefully. Men and women are requesting to be injected smaller doses so as to maintain a more natural look. Dr. Debraj Shome, renowned facial plastic surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics shared his opinion on the emerging trend of “Baby Botox” in an article published in DNA on October 3rd 2018. Dr. Debraj Shome says that “he find a number of patients are now enquiring about baby botox as it is the latest trend globally. He Says while typically botox may last three months, the smaller doses have been known to wear off in four weeks or so. One of the major problems of botox use in India is that people here traditionally want treatments which last longer. In any case, these fillers last only for a few months. Now with the use of baby botox, results sometimes last only four weeks. Most people do not have the time or the energy to invest in repeated injections and hence it has not become a trend in India yet!”

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Baby Botox

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