Drooping Eyelids Treatment & Ptosis Surgery Procedure

The medical condition in which the upper eyelids begin to droop is known as Blepharoptosis. Since the drooping of the upper eyelids causes the margins of the upper lids to drop as well, the vision is impaired, as the eyelid completely or partially obstructs sight.

Ptosis can be of various types. It can be present in children since, in which case it is known as congenital ptosis, or it can be acquired, or aponeurotic. In some cases it can also occur due to trauma or some neurological condition. Since the drooping eyelids obstruct vision, the patients suffering from ptosis, raise their eyebrows to look at things properly. Children may also adopt a chin up position, so that they can see.

In some cases of mild ptosis, it may be difficult for a patient to realize the actual cause, and they may just experience a mild headache because of the strain they put on their eyes. Patients with extreme case of ptosis may need to physically lift their eyelids. Children who suffer from ptosis may have developmental abnormalities or may develop amblyopia due to ptosis.

Surgery for ptosis is considered to be a reconstructive as well as a cosmetic procedure, because how the face looks is also important and the symmetry of the eyes is also the goal of the ptosis surgery. Even if there is a mild difference in the appearance of the upper eyelids of a person, the entire face may look disproportionate.  Since the cosmetic aspect of the surgery is equally crucial, it is very important that the surgeon, who does the ptosis surgery, should be well versed with both the aspects of the treatment.

Ptosis can happen due to various reasons like ageing which can cause the levator muscle to become loose, trauma, congenital defects etc.  With ageing the tendons that hold the upper eye muscles, stretch out and droop down.  This is believed to be the most common cause of ptosis. Ptosis may also occur as a consequence of some eye surgeries such as LASIK or cataract surgery.

The surgery of ptosis is done on the levator muscle. In the surgery this muscle is tightened, so it pulls back the eyelid.  In cases where the ptosis is severe and the levator muscle action is very poor, a “sling” surgery is performed in which the eyelid muscles are pulled up by the forehead muscles.  In a frontalis sling surgery, the frontalis or the brow muscle is attached to the eyelid muscle using an artificial material like silicone.

Mild ptosis can be repaired by performing surgery on the inside of the eye muscles, which is known as the conjunctival part of the eyelid. The best treatment option will be decided by the surgeon for a patient depending on the case.  The aim of the surgery is not only to pull the upper eyelid to clear the vision field but also to restore the symmetry of the eyelids with respect to each other.

The surgeon performing ptosis surgery should be an ophthalmic as well as plastic surgeon; therefore, for this surgery an oculoplastic surgeon is required. Oculoplastic surgeons are super- specialists who are experts in ophthalmology as well as plastic surgery therefore they are the ideal choice for performing ptosis surgery.

Find the best Ptosis surgeon easily

If you are looking for the best Ptosis surgeon, you must have droopy eyelids. While droopy eyelids may not seem like a serious problem, the truth is that it is for the patient, as it can obstruct vision. The best Ptosis surgeon is someone who will understand that you don’t just want to get surgery done for cosmetic purposes, but because it is going to clear your vision.

The best Ptosis surgeon like Dr. Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics, has the requisite credentials, but the most important thing you should look for in the best Ptosis surgeon is his ability to bring to reality your vision of a successful surgery. The best Ptosis surgeon is not only going to make the end results as symmetrical as possible, he is also going to ensure that you love the fact that your eyes seem more symmetrical post the surgery. That is why it makes sense to do your homework and find the best Ptosis surgeon in your city.

Ptosis surgery is performed only by the best eyelid surgeon and finding the best ptosis surgeon is what you need for successful results. The best ptosis surgeon will understand your need for ptosis surgery, to assist you to see the world better.

When you will meet the eyelid surgeon, he or she will give you the details of the ptosis surgery. You will get a clear description of what results you should expect after the surgeon. Ptosis surgery requires an in-depth knowledge of the complex anatomy of the eye and therefore makes sure that you visit the best ptosis surgeon for the same.

Best ptosis surgeons, apart from talking to you about the surgical procedure, will also explain to you that how during the ptosis surgery, he or she will take care of the contour of the eye. If you have a problem of dry eyes, then you should inform the eyelid surgeon before the ptosis surgery, because the best ptosis surgeon will be able to tell you that dry eyes can make ptosis and blepharoplasty surgery slightly more risky.