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Oculoplastic surgery 

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery includes a wide variety of surgical procedures that deal with the orbit (eye socket), eyelids, tear ducts and the face. Oculoplastic surgery is a rare super specialty and skilled practitioners are rare. Many surgeons perform these oculoplastic surgeries, but given the difficulty in obtaining top quality results, the best oculoplastic surgeon should perform the surgery.

Who is an oculoplastic surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons have advanced training that make them uniquely qualified to treat the delicate skin of the eyelid and face. They perform corrective eyelid and facial and reconstructive surgery for both trauma & cancer cases.

Oculoplastic surgeries can be simple correction of eyelid malposition or can be complex procedures involving temporal area, the cheeks, eyebrows etc. cosmetic procedures like Botox, eye lifts, cheek lifts etc are also done by oculoplastic surgeons. Eyelid issues can be considered both functional and cosmetic.  Some disorders can affect vision, reading, eye comfort, and eye health.

Reasons for consultation include:

  • Drooping, or tired, upper eyelids
  • Excess eyelid skin
  • Eyelid bags
  • Post-cosmetic eyelid surgery complications

Some of the disorders treated by oculoplastic surgeons:

Blocked tear duct: Tears are produced by the lacrimal gland. They drain through tiny channels in the eyelids. The tears drain through the nasolacrimal duct and lacrimal sac into the lower part of the nose, from the canaliculi. Either there can be too much tear production or a blocked tear outflow system. Persistent blurred vision, overflowing of tears down the cheeks and chronic red eye can be caused due to blockage in the tear duct which can cause excessive tearing. Tear ducts are flushed with saline to determine extent and the site of blockage. In patients with repeated cases of obstruction and infection surgery may be necessary. 

Blepharospasm: This condition causes excessive and involuntary eye blinks. It usually occurs in aged people. Blepharospasm is more commonly seen in women than in men.

While its cause is unknown, it is believed that blepharospasm is caused due to lack of coordination between brain signal and eye muscles. Spasms of face and neck muscles may be experienced by patients. For some it may occur in a bout but for others it may lead to a chronic problem. Severe spasms can be controlled through surgery.

Dry Eye Syndrome: This condition is also called dry eye disease, dysfunctional tear syndrome, and keratitis sicca. It is basically the poor functioning of tear layer covering the cornea and conjunctiva. This is usually the result of inadequate quantity and/or quality of the tears.

Entropion and ectropion: When the lower eyelid turns outward, exposing the cornea to the atmosphere, this condition is called ectropion. When the lid turns inward, it can cause the eyelashes to cause irritation of the cornea, this is called entropion.

When someone has entropion, the eyelid skin and eyelashes rub against the eye. This leads to excessive tearing, mucous discharge as well as crusting of the eyelid. The patient may experience a general uncomfortable feeling that something is in the eye.

This condition can also affect vision. Ectropion causes the eyelids to turn away from the eyes, which causes drying of the cornea.

Eyelid and orbit injuries: The eyelids and the bones of the orbit may be damaged by many types of trauma including accidents, fights, sports injuries, etc. Proper repair of the initial injuries as well as possible needed plastic surgery may be extremely important in restoring the proper protective function and cosmetic appearance of the eyelids and orbital bones.

Droopy eyebrows: Heavy and drooping eyebrows can cause heaviness of the upper eyelid. Brow lift surgery is performed to reposition the eyebrow and decrease the hanging skin in order to improve one’s appearance and visual function. When it comes to brow lift, there are a number of surgical approaches available.  This is sometimes combined with upper eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty) surgery to obtain the best result.

Eye tumors: Any type of abnormal tissue growth is considered a tumor. Tumors may be benign or malignant. Both of these types of tumors can occur in the eye, eyelid, or orbit. Fortunately, most eyelid tumors are benign and can be cured completely without complications, if treated in time.

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