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What is Oculoplastic surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is the cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive surgery done to mainly treat diseases and disorders related to eyelids, eye sockets, and tear ducts.

Oculoplastic surgery is often done to restore or rejuvenate a patient’s appearance either by improving the symmetry of the eye area or by repairing various eyelid diseases. Oculoplastic is highly precise branch of plastic surgery which deals with the delicate area around the eyes and the complex system of the optic nerves.

Who is an Oculoplastic surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons are trained super specialists who acquire skills and practice to deal with the complicated anatomy of the eyes. Oculoplastic surgeons perform surgery on the eyes which is aimed t not only restoring the health of the eyes but also normalize the appearance. Since the anatomy of eyes is very delicate and complex, high degree of precision and skill is required.

Disorders treated by an Oculoplastic Surgeon

The scope of oculoplastic surgery is quite wide and various disorders can be treated like drooping eyelids, fat deposits under the eyes, excess skin on upper eyelids which hampers normal movement of the eyelids, blockage in the tear duct etc.

Ptosis (droopy eyelids)
Drooping eyelids can not only impair the normal vision of a person but also can affect the appearance of a person’s face. As the eyelids droop down from their normal position, the vision is obstructed.

In adults, ptosis can be caused due to prolonged use of contact lenses, a previous surgical procedure or due to aging. Many children are born with this condition. Fortunately, ptosis can be corrected and the recovery time is also short.

Eyelid Malposition
Eyelids are for the protection of the surface of the eyes. They do so by protecting the eyes from any foreign object and by ensuring that the eye surface does not dry out. The eyelids help in spreading out the tears which are produced by the tear duct system over the surface of the eye. Ectropian and Entropion are two eyelid conditions which can affect the eyes. In Entropion condition the eyelids are turned inwards which can cause scratching on the surface of the eyes, whereas if a person has ectropic eyelids a large part of the eye surface is exposed which can cause drying of the eye surface.

Eyelid Reconstruction 
The eyelid are generally reconstructed after a tumor is removed or after a traumatic injury. Eyelids are reconstructed so that their normal function is restored and the appearance is also as symmetrical as possible.

Eyelid Lesions
The lesion on the eyelids can be cancerous. Fortunately, all eyelid lesions are benign i.e. they do not metastasize to other parts of the body. However, any suspected lesion should be biopsied. The treatment modalities are decided based on the result of the biopsy.

Bell’s Palsy 
Bell’s palsy is caused when the nerves of one side of the face are damaged due to inflammation. This causes the face to droop and consequently the patient is unable to close his/her eyes. As a result, there could be excessive tearing of the eyes or the eyes may begin to dry out due to lack of lubrication. This could cause excessive discomfort.

Problems in lacrimal system

Tear ducts system normally drains tears from the surface of the eyes. When the tear ducts are blocked, it usually affects the drainage of the tears, which can lead to excessive tearing of the eyes. Lacrimal surgery addresses this issue. Surgery may include the exploration and reconstruction of any portion of the system which depends on the location of the closure (stenosis) or obstruction. The location will be determined at the initial consultation and the treatment plan is designed at that time. The treatment may include the use of topical medicines or surgery which is generally an outpatient procedure. Many children are born with blocked tear ducts, which is not considered to be a major problem anymore and the condition can be treated with a minor surgery only.

Eye Socket Reconstruction
The surgical reconstruction of an eye socket can be required when an ocular prosthesis no longer fits well or causes discomfort.

Orbital Trauma & Fractures
Trauma to the orbit can result fractures of bones of the orbit. These fractures can cause symptoms such as double vision. When the fracture is large, surgical repair is normally recommended. The surgical repair is typically performed within a few weeks of the injury.

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