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Oculoplastic surgery

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is essentially the cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive surgery that has to do with the tissues or structures surrounding the eye. The structures include eyelids, tear ducts and orbital region. There are many types of conditions that can affect the eyelids, tear ducts and eye orbits.

Oculoplastic surgery is a type of super specialty and skilled practitioners are rare. Many surgeons perform these oculoplastic surgeries, but given the precision that is required to obtain the top quality results, the best oculoplastic surgeon should perform the surgery.

Who is an Oculoplastic surgeon?

An Oculoplastic surgeon is a highly skilled ophthalmologist who has specialized training in performing surgery related to the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the eyelid, orbit and tear duct.

Prior to surgery what do surgeons in Lucknow take into consideration

  • Before they perform any kind of eyelid plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgeons in Lucknow assess the overall health of the eyes and function of the eyelids.
  • An oculoplastic surgeon has the required expertise for handling the surgeries associated to these areas. They have a knack in recognizing potential problems.

Some of the disorders treated by an Oculoplastic Surgeon in Lucknow:

Through cosmetic eyelid surgery, fatty bags under the eyes, excess skin and fat of the upper eyelids, and drooping eyebrows can be effectively improved.

Eyelid lumps: These are usually unsightly benign lesions causing cosmetic concerns. Many lesions can be readily recognized on the basis of their clinical examination. It may also cause suspicious changes that may require a biopsy. The surgery doesn’t necessarily take long time and often minor operative surgeries can be completed on the same day as a consultation.

Eyelid skin tumors: The most common skin tumor around the eyes is a basal cell carcinoma.  An evaluation becomes necessary to differentiate malignant lesions from benign. Surgical treatment for curing the tumor requires specialist oculoplastic expertise. And this is easily available in Lucknow hospitals. It requires reconstruction so that the eyelid returns to its normal appearance and function. 

Eyelid malpositions: Ectropion (drooping lower eyelid), entropion (turned in eyelid) and ptosis (drooping upper eyelid) can all cause unwanted symptoms like visual field obstruction, dry or watering eye to unwanted facial asymmetry and altered appearance. These conditions are commonly seen in aged people. 

Excessive eyelid skin and eyelid ‘bags’: This is a very common condition which can affect both males and females. This usually occurs due to the ageing process.  It causes heavy eyelids and obstructed vision of the patient. At times, it may be a cosmetic issue which involves either the upper or lower eyelids.  Blepharoplasty surgery by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon can restore the eyelids youthful appearance. It can both correct the functional aspect as well as the appearance with satisfactory results. 

Blocked tear duct: A blocked tear duct, sometimes known as nasolacrimal duct obstruction, can cause persistent eye watering. The eyelid loses the capacity to hold the tears. Sometimes increased tears can cause significant difficulty reading, especially when looking through bifocals and occasionally can cause infection.

Blepharitis: This is a very common inflammatory condition of the eyelid margin. Bacteria on the skin get normally accumulated around the lower eyelashes. The bacteria produce chemicals which irritate the eyes causing symptoms of itching, irritation and burning. Special tear glands, called meibomian glands, which are located in the eyelids, become blocked. 

Dry Eyes is a common condition caused by lack of tears. This is often treated with artificial tears. Certain times when drops and ocular lubricants have failed to control the symptoms; the tear drainage system can be closed with plugs. These punctal plugs can be removed easily. They are barely visible on close inspection. This will increase the retention of the patient’s tears. Plugs are initially used as a trial to ensure that a patient does not develop secondary overflow tearing. 

Bells Palsy – This condition occurs due to damage to the facial nerve. This damage prevents proper closure of the eyelids, resulting in drooping of the eyebrow. If the condition does not improve on its own, certain surgical procedures can be performed, including elevation of the eyebrow, tightening of the lower eyelid, and gold weight insertion to improve upper eyelid closure.

While you may be in Lucknow, you should travel where ever the best oculoplastic surgeon is in India so surgery can be performed successfully.

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