Dr. Debraj Shome treats Patient with 30 Facial Bone Fractures

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rare example of a facial plastic surgery miracle, a patient with 30 facial bone fractures was successfully treated by Dr. Debraj Shome. He is an internationally celebrated facial plastic surgeon & oculoplastic surgeon, in Mumbai, India.

The patient from Ranchi, Jharkhand came to Mumbai for treatment after a road accident, due to which he suffered from 30 bone fractures on his face and had to be hospitalised. The treatment involved treating all the pan-facial fractures, using the trans-coronal flap approach. The highly specialised facial plastic surgery involves exposing the anterior cranial vault along with other parts of the facial bone structure such as the forehead, condyle and subcondylar regions, frontal sinus area, the Zygoma and Zygomatic arch, and orbit of the eye.

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