Treatments in the ocular plastic and the general plastic surgery domains have been seeing a lot of changes over the years. From the best resources that are being developed thanks to modern medical science as well as the most advanced forms of surgery—plastic surgery has changed its avatars over the eras. The best surgeons guide you through the most in-demand procedures depending on the exact treatment plan chosen. R. Debraj Shome is one of the most experienced ocular-plastic surgeons in the world. He has a number of accolades to his name and is currently based out of Mumbai.

Cosmetic Surgery

— Mid-Face Cheek Lift

Sagging skin is no more a problem thanks to cosmetic surgical procedures such as mid-face cheek lift. Expert surgeons make sure that your skin is prepped up and tightened so that your cheek looks taut and supple.

— Face Lift

The overall structure of the face is reshaped or sharpened with modern techniques such that your sagging skin does not interfere with the overall shape of the face.

— Brow Lift

A brow lift us also called a forehead lift. This surgical process reduces presence of wrinkles on the forehead as well as around the ocular or nasal region.

— Foreheadplasty

This refers to the process of removing wrinkles and fine lines along the forehead. This can also help you have supple skin on the region as well as improve all frown lines.

— Cheek Implant

This is a mode of cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to add more fullness to the cheeks. In simpler terms, with this procedure, you can enhance the cheeks. Get a well-defined and fuller cheek with cheek implant procedures.

— Chin Implant

Chin augmentation procedure includes the use of an implant that can change the structure of your overall features of the face. You may choose to add or remove material to your chin using this procedure.

— Rhinoplasty

A nose job—this producer helps you alter the shape and look of your nose.

— Orthognathic Surgery

This type of surgery is used as a corrective means for the jaw line and facial structure. This procedure is applied when the same means cannot be achieved with the use of braces.

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

— Permanent Eye Make Up

Permanent eye makeup allows you to have well-decked up eyes always. This cuts out the need to use regular makeup thanks to the` right producers in the cosmetic surgery niche. In this process, surgeons use a fine needle for the placement of pigmented granules below the epidermal skin layers.

— Fillers

Fillers are used to pep your skin up to prevent the sagging look to be visible.

— Dark Circle Removal

Those typical dark circles can be removed with some clever skin cosmetic procedures.

— Eyelash Enhancement

Fed up of applying mascara to volumize your eyelashes? Well, with eyelash enhancement you can get lashes like Minnie Mouse without having to spend hours on makeup.

— Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is defined as non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is performed for achieving the appearance and the size of the lips. The fullness of the lips increase to the point that your pout looks better and more filled. The desire for bee-stung lips can be achieved with this procedure.

Skin Lasers

— Intense Pulse Light Therapy

— Diode Laser

— Fractional CO2 laser

With the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery across all domains,   it is important that you understand the main benefits of the same.

  • The physical benefits of all cosmetic surgeries are clear. You look beautiful and get to see yourself as you have always wanted to. Therefore, the look of your dreams become real when you get plastic surgery done.
  • One essential benefit of plastic surgery is that is make syou feel confident and boosted. When you begin to have a good appearance, you actually feel great about yourself. This boost is something plastic surgery and treatments offer, once you get set on the same route.
  • In case you are going for a lip job or a jaw line correction, you need to know that the benefits are plenty. From a gorgeous to look feeling better, plastic surgery treatments make all of these possible.