What do you mean by orbital socket?

The orbit socket is the cavity of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated. “Orbit” can refer to the bony socket, or it can also be used to imply the contents.

If the eye is removed due to trauma, or genetic reasons like microphthalmos or post eye removal surgery (enucleation) for eye cancer, the orbital socket is called an anophthalmic socket. If post the eye removal, the space of the eye is not replaced with a ball implant, the space of the orbital socket can get contracted (due to lack of space bearing by the eye) and this is called a contracted socket.

Orbit Eye Socket

Eye within otbital socket of left side of skull.

What diseases can impact the orbital socket?

There are many diseases which can affect the orbital socket, including contracted socket, orbital fractures & many other orbital diseases.

Who id the best surgeon to perform socket surgery?

The best surgeon to perform orbital socket surgery is the orbital surgeon. Whether it is enucleation, evisceration, exenteration, using socket expanders or fitting an artificial eye, the orbital & oculoplastic surgeon is the best trained & experienced to perform socket surgery.


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