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Facelift surgery re positions the drooping & sagging tissues of the face and re creates youth. While a full facelifting cosmetic surgery treatment involves pre-auricular scars, a mid-face lift (also c…

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Ageing has some really bad side effects. Not only do we lose the youthful glow from our faces, the skin starts sagging on the face. The primary marker of youth, the tightness of the skin, begins to decrease making the face look dull and aged. Thankfully, modern plastic surgery procedures have made it possible to reverse the process of ageing to some extent. Modern medical techniques have enabled the surgeons to perform the surgeries with minimum invasion.

As we age, the soft tissue pads around the cheeks begin to drop down which produces grooves between nose and the mouth. The cheeks also give a sunken appearance. A normal and young face has the volume of the cheeks over the cheek bones, but with ageing the cheeks droop down giving the face a squarish appearance.

Fortunately, a mid face lift or a cheek lift procedure can be performed on people who want gain a more youthful look without undergoing a major full face lift which is also known as Rhytidectomy.  In a cheek lift the malar fat pad in the cheek tissue is lifted which gives fullness to the cheeks and eyes. The main benefit of the procedure lies in the fact that results are more permanent than other injectables treatments and the patients recover quickly from the procedure.

Who can opt for the procedure:-

A person who has hollowness under the eyes, sunken cheeks which are causing heaviness under the cheek bones can go for the procedure because it is highly localized treatment. Also, people who want to look young and rejuvenated.

How is a cheek lift performed?

The incisions for the cheek lift are made around the hairline and ears. After the incisions are made the malar fat pad is raised to achieve the lift. This approach is frequently used because it not only gives youthful appearance to the cheek bones but also reduces the laugh lines which are formed around the mouth. The sutures are placed in the fat pad as it is then repositioned. The surgery lasts for only 2-3 hours. The new technological advancements and the use of endoscopic procedures locally target the muscles of the cheeks and the skin area.  Thereby smoothening and tightening the deep marionette lines. Marionette lines are the vertical lines that outside of the chin downwards from the outer corners of the mouth.

Types of cheek lift:-

One of the newest procedures which are being used is called the PML which is percutaneous mid-face lift. This procedure does not require cuts to the muscles and the tissues and it diminishes the lines around the nose and the mouth. This procedure also reduces the sagging around the mouth. The fat pad is repositioned under the skin by using a suspension system which easily hides under the skin. An incision is made between the ears and the forehead. Two small punctures holes on the cheeks give the access to needles through the fat pad which is required for making the stitches. Two small holes are made on each cheek and the sutures are very gently tightened so that the fat is repositioned. Then the sutures are anchored at the side of the forehead on a tough tissue plane which is called the temporal fascia. This procedure only takes around half an hour.

Outcomes of the procedure:-

One can see immediate and visible results but sometimes the cheeks may look a little bit overcorrected. This “overcorrection” however settles down as the cheeks gradually reposition themselves.

The recovery generally takes around ten days. Generally the procedure is an outpatient procedure which means the patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day the procedure is performed. Generally patients need to take a break of 7-8 days after the procedure. The swelling and bruising is minimal when the surgery is performed well and can be treated with ice packs during first one or two days.

Complications and risk of the procedure:-

Although the procedure requires minimum invasion, but it still carries some risks of the surgical procedure like:-

  • Blood clots in rare cases
  • Problems in healing
  • Temporary numbness around the eyes
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Seroma and hematoma



The cheek lift may be performed in combination with other procedures such as lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, laser resurfacing, neck liposuction, blepharoplasty etc. it is performed under general anesthesia. Although it cannot be considered to be a major surgical procedure, still it is imperative that it is performed by an experienced surgeon. Any mistake in the procedure can affect a person’s self confidence and self-esteem also. The procedure is highly effective and can improve a person’s appearance exponentially.


Dr. Debraj Shome is one of India’s leading plastic surgeon and is currently based in Mumbai. He has performed numerous super specialty procedures and is the winner of numerous medical accolades.