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Everyone seeks the best medical care for themselves and their loved ones. Be it a small problem like a minor cough or cold, or a more serious condition which requires surgical treatment, they want to ensure that they receive high-quality care from world-class doctors who practice at excellent medical centres.  We, The Esthetic Clinic, are a state-of-the-art medical centre with specialised medical facilities for skin-care treatments, cosmetic surgery, and facial reconstructive surgery.

We provide highly specialised and personalised attention to patients who come to us seeking treatments for the following conditions:

  1. Ocular and facial tumours and cancers – Rare tumours of the eye socket, eyeball and eyelids can be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. Surgical removal of the tumour may also be required. In such cases, reconstruction of facial features and appearance can be carried out using oculoplastic surgery.
  2. Facial reconstruction and surgery – In the case of trauma, injury or congenital deformity, corrective procedures to restore the shape and symmetry of your face can be necessary.
  3. Cosmetic surgery – Cosmetic surgery covers a wide range of surgical procedures that can be undergone to improve specific parts of our facial appearance such as rhinoplasty, genioplasty, cheek-lift etc.
  4. Skincare treatments – Reduction in scarring, pigmentation and other imperfections on the skin can be corrected with chemical treatments as well as laser-assisted
  5. Non-surgical procedures for ageing – The development of novel natural materials has led to their use as filler material for ageing skin. These injectables can restore the youthful and smooth appearance of skin.

At The Esthetic Clinic, we believe in using the latest equipment, newest techniques and the very best doctors in the medical field in order to cater to your treatment needs. We have a highly-trained and professional staff who are committed to helping you along every step of your surgical or cosmetic procedure.  Our chief surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome, is a facial reconstructive surgeon par excellence who has been relentlessly committed to achieving a very high level of specialisation in facial, orbital and cosmetic surgery.

Dr Debraj Shome has been trained in several renowned hospitals in the US and the UK and has an MBA degree in Healthcare Management. He has been responsible for the conception, development and management of many cosmetic and reconstructive surgery centres all across India. He has won several prestigious awards like the Colonel Rangachary Award and the Hanumantha Reddy Award. During his time in Glasgow, he received the Davies Foundation Grant Award in 2010, a monumental award for excellence in cancer research and treatment He is the driving force behind our centre and manages it with his keen clinical acumen and patient-centric vision.

India is famous for its high-quality medical care which can be availed at affordable costs.  At The Esthetic Clinic, we aim to provide you with a combination of world-class facilities and highly personalised and individual attention from surgeons.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding any cosmetic procedures, oculoplastic surgery or skin care treatments, do visit us for a consultation and we can definitely help you.

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