Cosmetic surgery is used for a host of conditions nowadays. The latest to join the list of conditions for which surgical interventions are effective is under eye dark circles. Eye circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. These are also known as eye bags. Eye circles, at one point in time, were treated using creams and cosmetic procedures. But now, surgery has made a permanent solution possible.

What Are Dark Circles?

These are generally genetic and caused when blood vessels are visible through the skin. The blood passes through the large veins close to the skin’s surface, creating a dark hue. The darker the skin, the less apparent the circles are. Allergies or itching conditions can also cause inflammation. Further, the rubbing of eyes can darken the skin around it.

Lack of sleep and fatigue can also be a reason. Illness, allergies or pregnancies can create stress and cause circles under the eyes. Hormonal changes, medication, sun exposure, poor nutrition and hollow eyes can intensity dark circles further.  Surgery becomes important to counter chronic dark circles.

3 Best Types of Surgeries For Dark Circles

Fat Grafting

The most common method used for hereditary thin skin associated dark circles or sunken, hollow eyes is fat grafting. This is a procedure in which excess fat cells are removed from one part and added to the area under the eyes. An advantage of this method is a more youthful look to the eyes. Results can last up to three years.


Another excellent surgery for dark circles is blepharoplasty. This surgery removes puffy lower eyelid bags, reducing the wrinkling of the skin. On account of these bags, there may be dark shadows under the eyes, making the area darker in appearance. Making incisions across the eyelids on the outside and inside, the surgeon removes the lower eyelid fat without causing scars. Once surgery for the dark circles is completed, external skin resurfacing results from the use of chemical peels or carbon dioxide laser. This method is quick and recovery is within weeks.

Laser Surgery

Apart from the scalpel, another surgical procedure involves the use of laser technology. In cases where the dark circle results from allergies causing skin pigmentation, exposure to the sun or wrinkles, laser surgery for dark circles is the optimal solution. By targeting the laser at the tissue, the cells become heated and destroyed, removing the problem’s cause sans any incision. This is also a quick procedure and recovery is even faster than conventional surgical methods.

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