Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly common day by day. The desire to turn back the clock on how we look has become so strong amongst even the common people that the popularity of cosmetic facelift procedures is soaring like never before. The difference in the appearance of a person before and after a facelift can be huge. These procedures are surgical but minimally invasive and can be a huge boost to the morale of the person undergoing them. The overall looks of a person can transform drastically before and after a facelift and thanks to the modern medical advancements, majority of the facelift procedures are “lunch time procedures”. Lunchtime procedures are the procedures which typically do not take more than an hour, making them a much favored option amongst busy professionals who do not have the luxury of time. On this page, you can see through pictures of real patients, what the magical touch of cosmetic procedures can do before and after a facelift.

Different types of procedures for eyelids can be performed on a person’s ocular area, so that both the eyes look similar. The difference in the eyelids could be due to a condition known as ptosis. This condition makes the muscles of the eyelids weak which causes drooping of the eyelids. The eyelids surgery pictures displayed here are the pictures of the patient taken before the surgery. It is easily visible in the pictures of the eyelid surgery that the evident difference between the symmetry of the eyelids is a call for an eyelid surgery. The before and after pictures of lower eyelid surgery are the proof that lower blepharoplasty is quite effective in treating the lower eyelid drooping. Before and after surgery pictures for Asian eyelids can be helpful in being a guide about what to expect from the surgery. The Asian eyelids surgery is done to give more definition to the eyelids which apparently lack a crease. Most people like eyes which have sharp eyelids and Asian eyelid surgery can give sharpness to the eyelids. The internet is brimming with the eyelid plastic surgery pictures which are often fake but on this site, you can see pictures of eyelid surgery of real patients which are a testimony to the successful outcome of the surgery. The photos of before and after of a lower eyelid surgery and the before and after of a facelift are just a few examples of the expertise of Dr.Debraj Shome.