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  • Lacrimal Introduction Lubrication of the eyes is a very important aspect of proper functioning of the eyes. The lacrimal glands are located in the external orbit of the eye and the secretions from these glands form a protective layer over the eye and also wash it frequently by draining the excess tears via the nasal […]

  • What do you mean by orbital socket? The orbit socket is the cavity of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated. “Orbit” can refer to the bony socket, or it can also be used to imply the contents. If the eye is removed due to trauma, or genetic reasons like microphthalmos or post eye removal surgery (enucleation) for eye cancer, […]

  • Orbit Orbit is the bony socket in the skull that contains the eye, extra ocular muscles, cranial nerves (II, III, IV, V and VI), orbital and retrobulbar fascia, lacrimal glands, lacrimal sacs, naso lacrimal ducts, eyelids, ligaments (medial, lateral palpebral and suspensory), septum, short ciliary nerves, fats and, blood vessels. The volume of this socket […]

  • Lacrimal Surgery The important aspect of functioning of eyes is lubrication. The tear film formed by secretions from the lacrimal glands present in the external orbit of each eye, protect the eye and wash it frequently, as the excess water drains into the nasal space. This explains why tears are generated when a person cries […]

  • In the upper portion of the orbit in each eye, are located a pair of almond shaped lacrimal glands. Lacrimal glands are responsible for secreting the tear film for the eyes. This tear film protects the delicate surface of the eye from allergens. While sneezing or crying, the tears are secreted in the lacrimal sacs […]

  • The orbit is the eye socket which houses the eye and other parts of the optic anatomy such as the optic nerves, extra ocular muscles that help in the movement of the eye, the nerves and other associated structures that supply the blood to the eye structure. Tumors of the orbit can appear anywhere in […]

  • Introduction The eye orbit or the eye socket is the cup like structure which houses the eyes and other structures of the eye anatomy. The rim of the eye orbit is made up of thick bones whereas the nasal and the lower portion of the rim are made up of thin bones. When a fracture […]

  • Introduction The orbit of the eye or the eye socket is the bony hollow structure which houses the eye as well as the associated anatomical structures. Various disorders can affect the eye. The orbit can get infections, inflammation, fractures, tumors etc. various diseases like Grave’s disease can also affect the eye orbit. Types of orbital […]