The rare form of cancer that afflicts children in the eye, can progress to fatal levels. This calls for urgent intervention. Incidentally, India accounts for the highest number of children afflict with this rare cancer. Treatment for retinoblastoma is a holistic process calling for chemotherapy, sub-tenons chemotherapy stereotactic radiation, and RB1 gene mutation screening. To put it in other words, the treatment is prohibitive in terms of costs for the common man, while being complex in nature, calling for super special facilities and experience. Let us take a close look at some of the significant advancements for retinoblastoma treatment in India.

Nano molecule treatment

The strides in nano technology have been matched by use of the technology in the medical field. The advancements in nano technology have made it possible for the drugs to be delivered exactly to the site of cancer. This improves the therapeutic efficiency of the drug with better outcomes. Studies have shown that nano particles have lent enhanced drug delivery capabilities in cases of retinoblastoma. This greatly improves the chances of treatment of such cases.

Screening and diagnostics to identify the disease in early stages

The identification of the cancer in early stages will give the patients a healthy 95% chance of successful treatment. However, the best way to ensure that children get the best treatment at the initial stages to avoid complications, is to screen them. Presently genetic screening is available to detect if the child is likely to be afflicted with the disease after birth. This helps to chalk out a treatment regimen to deal with the ailment.

Treatment options in cases diagnosed late

Unfortunately, the treatment options for children who have been diagnosed past a point, involve chemotherapy cryotherapy and focal laser therapy. Cancerous tumours that have grown out of size may require the physical removal of the eye and follow up treatment that may include radiotherapy, more chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. Therefore, screening early and opting for a preventive regimen, preferably based on nano molecule treatment can help to treat the children effectively.