A substantially large portion of eye injuries and resultant fractures are caused due to work, car or sports related accidents. But in some of the more severe accidents, the impact may result in a fracture in the cup-like bone structure that houses the eye and related structures in the eye anatomy. Such a condition is known as eye socket fracture.

The biggest challenge in managing eye socket fractures is determining the need for surgical intervention. Depending upon the severity of the injury, treatment modalities may range from ice packs and antibiotics to a surgery for dislocated bone fragments and repositioning the eye in its socket. These cases can get even more complicated when treatment is delayed due to procrastination or improper diagnosis. In such cases, the fractured bone fragments may come together in an improper manner which may cause structural deformities on a secondary nature and aesthetic imperfections of the orbital region. The latest advances in eye socket fracture surgery, however, are now helping surgeons and doctors in avoiding such occurrences and preventing issues that may hamper a patient’s quality of life post sustaining an eye socket fracture.

Over the past few years, many contributions have been made to the field of eye socket fracture surgery that have helped in improving surgeons’ ability to restore normal aesthetics and functioning of the orbital bone structure. The understanding of orbital soft tissue and bine volumes have improved dramatically along with the extra-ocular muscle system. Computerized Tomographic (CT) scanning has also been a major contributor in helping a doctor understand the true nature and extent of the injury and analysing the type of fracture (Rim fracture Blow-out fracture or orbital floor fracture) it is, so as to provide timely medical intervention, thereby preventing secondary issues. The development of eye socket fracture surgeries and procedures such as rigid fixation, computerized plate alignment, and CT plates alignment have also helped surgeons in delivering better results from their prescribed treatments.

Getting in touch with a skilled and experienced surgeon for eye socket fracture surgery is important. Use of state of the art surgical tools, imaging techniques as well as new and improved procedures is crucial for successful treatment. Thankfully, India is standing in-step with the rest of the medical world when it comes to latest eye socket fracture surgeries and treatment modalities. If you have recently sustained such an injury, know that help isn’t too far away from you.