Oculoplastic Surgery in Bangladesh

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General Overview

Major medical advancements has made oculoplastic surgery a great miracle which can treat defects of the ocular region regardless of the fact whether they are congenital or acquired. The eyes are the windows to the world, they say. When you have a problem with one or multiple areas of the eye, your vision is affected. In addition, even your physical confidence is hampered to a fair degree too. The leading surgeons have devised latest ways of bidding goodbye to ocular defect and the surgeries or procedures related to oculoplastic processes are dependent on the age, background and issues of the patient.

As far as the oculoplastic surgeons of Bangladesh are concerned, it is important to note that most of them are linked to leading clinics and specialty hospitals in the country. There are ample facilities for patients in Bangladesh to access these oculoplastic or plastic surgery procedures for the eye, in Bangladesh itself.

Leading hospitals in Bangladesh have the required facilities for all means related to oculoplastic surgery. There is also a well-planned structure for local patients and all relevant follow-ups, not only pre-surgery but post-surgery as well. A thorough study of inner eye is done beforehand so that the needs of the patients are analyzed. The oculoplastic surgeon teams look in to each case and choose a way forward.

Oculoplastic Surgery in India

India is emerging to be one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. The inflow of patients is higher from the sub continent, which includes Bangladesh as well.  Most of the patients prefer India for their treatment because of availability of best of medical facilities at affordable costs. Also, the presence of reputed oculoplastic surgeon in India also contributes as a factor in their choice.

Dr.Debraj Shome is the pioneer and one of the most famous surgeons in the field of oculoplastic surgery. With years of experience and a solid background, Dr. Shome is the first choice of patients visiting from Bangladesh.

Following are some of the advantages one can have, if they chose Dr. Debraj Shome as their oculoplastic surgeon:-

Years of knowledge

Up- to- date practice with best and modern methods being used currently.

Coordinated practice with super specialty hospitals

Personalized consultation

Personalized post-operative care

Thorough check ups

Dr. Debraj Shome’s friendly demeanor and years of experience has made him a popular choice of patients from Bangladesh.

Cost comparison

In Bangladesh, only the leading hospitals will have oculoplastic surgeons. This coupled with the medical bill structure, means that the cost of the surgery would be very high in Bangladesh. On the other hand in India the cost of the surgery would totally depend on the type of the surgery that a patient has to undergo. The difference in the cost of the treatment between Bangladesh and India is quite high. Also, India has much better technologies in the medical field which may not be available in Bangladesh.  In India, resources are available and are always up to date. This makes the cost structure more affordable and well-justified.

Dr. Debraj Shome and his accolades

Dr. Debraj Shome is the leading oculoplastic and Cosmetic Surgeons in the world. He is currently based in Mumbai, India. He has co-founded The Esthetics Clinic, which is top of the line Indian multi specialty hospital. He is currently practicing in association with many famous hospitals like Raheja Fortis Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Apollo Spectra Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital.

Also, he is the present head of the facial plastic surgery department in the Apollo Spectre Hospital. He is the co founder of the Esthetic clinic in Hyderabad. Dr. Shome was also the HOD of Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at the same clinic from the years 2009 to 2011.

Dr. Shome is a specialist in the field of Oculoplasty, cosmetic and facial reconstruction, lacrimal and orbital socket surgery as well. He has been felicitated numerous times and his top honors include; best oculoplastic surgeon in India, Marquis who’s who, best celebrity plastic surgeon in the world, Marquis who’s who Asia pacific, Bharat Biotech – LVPEI Travel Grant Award in 2005, Reviewer for Indian Journal of Ophthalmology’s ‘Head and Neck Surgery etc.

Dr.Debraj Shome’s area of expertise includes:-

Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Rejuvenation, Mid-Face lifts, face lifts, Rhytidectomy, Eyelash enhancement, Blepharoplasty, Auricular Repositioning, Facial Flaps & Grafts, hair restoration treatment, hair transplant, repair of orbital fractures, contouring of jaw, facial implants, lip augmentation, lip enhancement etc.

Dr. Debraj Shome undertakes not only the aforementioned procedures but also many others, making him one of the most sought after surgeons in the world.

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