Skin tissue beneath the eye is the thinnest on the human body, with thickness of just half a millimeter.  With a large number of blood vessels flowing directly under the thin skin, the area easily creates the look of dark circles. While many home remedies and myths abound regarding treatment for dark under eye circles, it is important to know that a proper diagnosis and scientific treatment is necessary to see best results. Here are a few effective options for dark circle removal treatment.

#1 Laser treatment for dark circles

Carbon dioxide (Co2) laser skin surfacing is considered as an effective treatment option.  Dark eye circle surgery comprises of multiple sessions of laser resurfacing spread over many weeks to lighten the color of the skin.  By lightening the color of the affected area, it is possible to reduce the effects of dark under eye circles effectively. Dark circle treatment also involves the reduction of puffiness under the eye. Laser procedures reduce the puffiness under the eyes thereby setting up the perfect foundation for dark circle treatment.

#2 Blepharoplasty for dark circles

Blepharoplasty which is also known as lower eyelid surgery is used to translocate fat beneath the eye to the upper cheek. This procedure controls the puffiness beneath the eye which also results in reduction of under eye puffiness. As mentioned earlier, under eye puffiness is also a reason for the appearance of dark circles, and its reduction or elimination helps to rid of dark circles.  Therefore, Blepharoplasty is also a procedure of choice to treat under eye dark circles.

# 3 Mid face procedures for dark circles

Though this procedure is considered as the very last step to tackle under eye circles, it is very effective. It offers all round benefits by restoring a youthful appearance to recipients, in addition to lifting the dark circles under the eyes. This is relatively complicated or complex when compared to other laser procedures for removal of dark under eye circles. It is performed on individuals who require more intense form of treatments for dark under eye circles.