Retinoblastoma is a cancerous tumor that affects the retina of the eye. It is mostly seen in the early childhood but in some cases, it also affects developing fetuses in the womb. Early signs of retinoblastoma include a dark circular area in the middle of the iris that appears whitish in bright light. In most cases, children who are born with the issue tend to develop it further in upcoming years. If detected early, it can be treated successfully while preserving the sight and maintaining a good vision.

Genetics is a major factor responsible for this condition. Also, children who develop this condition once they are a little older and without any genetic mutation tend to inherit this disease from their parents or grandparents. This particular condition is called hereditary retinoblastoma.

Some children may develop this condition without any family history of the disease. In these cases, it usually occurs in one eye. This condition is called unilateral retinoblastoma. This specific condition is less dangerous than the inherited form of retinoblastoma.

Retinoblastoma is a serious condition that needs to be handled only by experienced oculoplastic surgeons. Several tests are needed before it is possible to determine the true extent and condition of the disease so that it can be treated accordingly.

While choosing the best surgeon for retinoblastoma treatment in India you have to consider certain important factors that are explained here.

  • The surgeon has to be familiar with the disease and the seriousness of the condition. Not every oculoplastic surgeon has the ability to detect and treat the condition with ease. It requires years of experience and acquired expertise to effectively address the issue. This is why you should choose the doctor on the basis of their experience and expertise.
  • You can ask for referrals from your friends and family members. This is a good approach because people who have undergone such procedures usually understand the complications associated with it and will have already met several surgeons. Asking for referrals will also give you information about the nature and caregiving quality of a popular surgeon and his approach towards handling patients.