If a person has been hit by a high-speed object that he did not see coming, then it could cause an eye socket fracture, also known as orbital fracture. It is very essential to go see a doctor as soon as the eye socket injury has taken place in order to get timely eye socket fracture surgery.

It is very important to consult with the doctor as soon as possible after acquiring the injury. This will make sure less amount of time is wasted before the patent is sent home or is taken to a clinic for eye socket fracture surgery. The symptoms of an eye socket fracture surgery are:

  1. The appearance of the eyes seems sunken
  2. There is a sharp pain when you will try to move your eyes normally
  3. Sensitivity towards light increases
  4. The movement of eyelid is irregular
  5. Double vision
  6. Blood is visible in the white part of the eyes
  7. The area surrounding the eyes is numb

Timely consultation with an orbital fracture surgeon will not only make sure that your eyesight is preserved after the accident, but also ensure that your face does not become ill-shaped or look damaged as it heals. In case he says that the surgery is the only option for you, then you should get it done as soon as possible, because a delay in the eye socket fracture surgery can lead to more serious consequences. He will also make you understand what to do and what not to do more effectively before as well as after the surgery.