Double eyelid surgery also known as Asian eyelid surgery has greater demand among citizens of Asian origin. This is one among the common eyelid surgery in India, designed to help Asians who are congenitally devoid of a crease in the upper eye lids. This double eyelid plastic surgery corrects the absence and provides the upper eyelid with a visible crease or fold when the eye is open. Close to 50% of Asians of mongoloid descent do not possess a double eyelid fold.  Here is what you need to know more about the procedure.

The Difference in Eye Folds

Eyes vary in terms of epicanthal fold, amount of fat, skin and other structural elements, and experienced oculoplastic surgeons possess understand the variations easily, to perform procedures that correct the drawback in features. It is pertinent to note that the number of cases notwithstanding, competent and experienced oculoplastic surgeons is better equipped to perform the procedure taking into account the subtle variations among individuals in eye folds.

Factors considered prior to procedure

The actors taken into account are gender and age of the patient. Patients how are younger stand a better chance of getting a natural looking fold, than individuals who have crossed a certain age. This is mainly because of the thinness of the skin among individuals younger in age. Soft and pliant skin responds better to surgery without any visible effects. Individuals also need to be aware of the duration of the effects of the procedure. Typically, expected to last around fifteen years, the crease will slowly dissolve over time.  Surgical procedures to create creases are a lot different from cosmetic eyelid procedures generally performed in Western nations. It is therefore important to understand that the procedure is actually performed by specialists who have considerable experience in this specific procedure.

Many Asians of mongoloid descent, who have unfortunately not been bestowed with creases in eyelids, find application of makeup to be the most difficult task. In the absence of a crease or fold, makeup is ineffective. With corrective surgery it is possible to lead life the way others lead.