Dark circles occur under the eye. These appear to be dark discolorations of the skin under the eye. Commonly known as dark rings or shadows, these are scientifically known as Periorbital circles, periorbital hyperpigmentation or periorbital melanosis. Dark circles are not a serious skin problem but they make us look exhausted, unhealthy or older than our natural age. However, there are several removal treatments offered by professionals at Esthetics Clinic that can help anyone with such a problem.

There are many causes behind the formation of dark circles such-

  • Heredity aging
  • Dry skin
  • Prolonged crying
  • Working for long durations in front of the computer
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Unhealthy diet

Dark circle laser treatment and dark circle removal treatment of top grade are available at Esthetics Clinic. The experts here begin by identifying the underlying cause for the dark circles.

  • We offer pigment reduction laser treatments that can be effective depending on the cause of dark circles. For blue under eye circles, reduction treatment may include intense pulsed light therapy or pulse dye laser technique.
  • We also recommend Filter/ fat injection in some cases where the causes are under-eye volume loss for dark circle removal treatments.
  • Under-eye botulinum toxin is advised by us if there is any presence of wrinkles or fine lines under the eyes which leads to the darkening of the region.
  • Acugel treatment or Hydrafacial treatment based on iontoporesis, which helps in delivering the active ingredients deep in to the area of skin where the medicine is required, is also provided. This improves blood circulation and reduces edema that causes puffiness under the eye. 6-8 sessions of 20-30 minutes each are required for completion of this treatment.
  • For cases dealing with malar festoons, a combination of fractional CO2 Laser Treatment with filters or other applications may help in dark circle reduction.
  • For extreme cases, eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty, is generally the most effective treatment for removal of dark circles. This dark eye circle surgery is performed by our well trained Oculoplastic Surgeons.

The benefit of undergoing dark circle reduction or removal treatment is that we offer a complete assessment of the causes that may have led to the formation of dark circles in the first place. The best doctors available for this treatment assess the problems and help the patients throughout the treatment span at Esthetics Clinic.